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Sivart Thirteen

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the real vacation, in review [Jan. 4th, 2010|12:00 am]
Sivart Thirteen
Christmas break was hardly a vacation since I spent it in San Diego worrying about my life. How have things been since?

Wednesday: video games

NYE: Bootie. Seemed like just a regular bootie, albeit with more party favors / countdowns / balloon dropping. Not something I'd pay $55 (!) for again, but glad to see what goes on there for New Years.

Friday: video games

Saturday: some climbing, music downloadery. Trying to formulate a comprehensive plan for attacking all the music I ain't listened to yet. Checked out the new Borderlands Cafe in the mish. It's strange. I have Opinions about it.

Sunday: Rode across the bridge and wandered up the Coastal Trail for a bit. There's other trails out there that I want to explore but I really needed to get to the end of this one, because the last time I went it got too dark and I had like hiker interruptus.

Saw Up in the Air which was perfect, amazing, spectacular, I can't heap enough praise on this movie. Makes me worried about trying to see Avatar, because I know I'll hate a lot of it, especially in comparison.