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a far too long list of band names in bold text [Mar. 28th, 2010|10:09 pm]
Sivart Thirteen
Stripmall Architecture was great; they're the modern survivors of this other band Halou I guess, who I kindof like. Ima gonna see them again soon.
Twin Tigers was too loud and generally noisy-not-catchy.
Lilofee were their normal selves. I almost got showered with tambourine-stuff when she shook one until it broke.

In recent experience, whenever they let just-anyone into the Rickshaw Stop, there are a LOT of under-21s at the Rickshaw Stop. Which can be a menace, but I've found them to often bring a great enthusiasm, that is when they're just standing about being super grossly young. Which is to say, they have dance in their pants. So there was a lot of uptake on the sort of beatlesy-teen-heartthrob thing The Saucy Jacks had going, at least among the people there early enough to see them play. People were similarly active for Pleasure Kills, which is fronted by this Karen O. type character of a vocalist, and I hope I am not just saying that because she looked asian. She had like this punk rock attitude that I could take or leave, drinking some water and spraying it into the crowd and you know what ever.

By the time Slow Club there was still hardly anyone around, I guess it can be hard to fill a room at a Wednesday concert. They played the song acoustic in the crowd which was lovely, and their set was every bit as adorable as I'd hoped. For how few people were in the room, there were an awful lot making a ruckus back by the bar during most of the show, causing a lot of hushing and shushing from the band. They played their encore (a cover that I didn't recognize) acoustic from the bar, where members of the second band and their entorage had been chatting it up following their set. That shut them up, at the cost of being kind of silly and awkward.

Altars seemed very good, though the vocals are lacking. They're just starting out it seems, and with a name that generic it's real hard to google for them.
Geographer put on a reliably great show. As always, I wish the kids in the crowd were more into it. When he mentioned the new EP was available at the merch table Ben yelled out "I BOUGHT IT ON ITUNES" which was silly.
Lovelikefire was unremarkable and I was dog-tired from attending GDC that week so I left early.

Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves: not good. Poor vocals, uninspired instrumentation. I feel like a dick for saying so. Set the expectations low for the rest of the night, I guess.
I'd been fully exhausted and reluctant to even try too hard to get to this show, given that I'm not too big on the new Ted Leo record. But once he started playing, holy shit. He bears down on every song with a relentlessness you can't hear on the album. A joyous experience.

This became one of those shows where I fall in love with a headliner so hard just before the show that they outclass the main act, the last example I can remember being Oh No! Oh My! opening for I think Suburban Kids. I often ignore the lyrics to songs, but when I was biking to the show and Freelance Whales "Starring" hit me over the iPod with "shut me up with your long tube socks, they don't seem hey-let's-just-be-friends" I knew this was going to be a band of great interest to me. They fought through some serious sound difficulties (I think they had to play at least one song completely without a bass) but overall were stellar, I'd definitely go see them headline anywhere.

There was a snarky voice in my head that told me I shouldn't be liking people who look as Williamsburgy as this, bopping around being my age and singing songs about shit that people my age think, with banjos and glockenspiels. That voice is an asshole and whosoever created it can have it back.

They do have a real dumb band name, though. It's genericly Adjective-Noun enough to be hard to remember.

Bear in Heaven self-list as 'psychadelic' on their myspace which makes them not as much a thing I would Actually Listen To. But they were very technically competent for what that is.

Cymbals Eat Guitars lead singer bears the very slightest resemblence to Jason Segal and sweats an amazing amount through the show. Like, there was sweat just raining off his nose like a faucet. I could never get that sweaty without the desire to continually wipe my face so he's definitely got some manner of constitution over me. The crowd was reserved, someone sarcastically heckled "way to get into it, crowd" causing a band member to retort "I've never heard crowd-on-crowd heckling before". But nonetheless it was great. By the end there were very few people left, maybe most had came for the earlier bands. I guess it was a Thursday afterall.

The next thing I'm going to see is Whitest Kids Alive on April 14th, giving me a needed break.

[User Picture]From: tingsquared
2010-03-29 06:52 am (UTC)
One of my friends was trying to date the girl from Freelance Whales. When he was missing one night in Austin, someone said "Oh, he's probably whaling."
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[User Picture]From: sivart13
2010-03-29 07:07 am (UTC)
she's real cute and spunky and probably gets kisses from a lot of boys.
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