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Sivart Thirteen

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The Rural Alberta Advantage at Bottom of the Hill [Apr. 14th, 2011|01:44 am]
Sivart Thirteen
This was a show I was happy to show up late for, because the two openers didn't sound like they would be much fun. I was proven right when I got there halfway through the second band's set and it was pretty lame.

I was most surprised by the engagement of the crowd; the show was sold out (though it didn't feel like it, compared to scarier-packed shows I'd seen there) and a lot of people jumpy-danced and shouted their favorite words.

In many aspects, they definitely sound better on the album than in person, but Bottom of the Hill's tendency to blow out the sound system didn't help any.

The lady third of the RAA is really, distractingly pretty but she's not given a lot to do. Sometimes she plays the xylophone. Those lady-harmonies are definitely important, though.

In the encore they did one of those go-out-into-the-crowd things, and played "Good Night" about a foot away from my face. It was really fucking special.